Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar, issued from 1878-1904 and once again in 1921, has long been considered the King of Coins. Its hefty size, classic beauty and colorful history has made it a highly coveted prize for coin collectors around the world.

After the last Seated Liberty Dollar was legislated out of existence in 1873, silver mining interests lobbied Congress for the creation of another silver dollar coin. The government's response was the Morgan Dollar in 1878. The first coin made under the Bland-Allison Act (which required the Treasury to buy at least 2 million troy ounces of silver every month), Morgan Silver Dollars were named after their designer, George T. Morgan, a talented British immigrant who was an assistant to U.S. Mint Chief Engraver William Barber in the late 1870's.

Morgan Silver Dollars feature the designer's monogram near Lady Liberty's neck on the obverse and on the ribbon's left loop on the reverse. Although the eagle depicted on the reverse featured eight tail feathers in the original coin, soon after production began the Mint was advised that the eagle should have seven tail feathers, and the design was changed. As a result, some 1878 Morgan dollars have eight feathers, some have seven, and some depict seven over eight (the rarest variety).

  • Massive government meltings in 1918 and the 1960's seriously depleted the supply of Morgan Silver Dollars.
  • Experts estimate that only 17% of the Morgan Silver Dollars ever produced survive today!
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*The coins pictured are used strictly to show the design and do not represent the condition of the coins offered here.

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