Half Dollars

Half Dollars are a popular category of collectibles that hold a significant historical and numismatic appeal to thousands of collectors. These coins have a face value of 50 cents and are made from a composition of silver and copper. Half Dollars were first introduced by the United States Mint in 1794, and they have since become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

One of the most iconic and beloved Half Dollars is the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. This coin was minted in honor of President John F. Kennedy after his tragic assassination, and it features a stunning portrait of the late President on the obverse. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is a major highlight in any collection, representing an important and emotional moment in American history.

For those looking to add multiple Kennedy Half Dollars to their collection, the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars (10 coins) set is the perfect choice. With ten coins in one set, collectors can enjoy the beauty and significance of these historical coins while also diversifying their collection.

In addition to Kennedy Half Dollars, the category also includes Walking Liberty Half Dollars. These coins were minted from 1916 to 1947 and are highly regarded for their beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship. The Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar (1916-1947) in Extremely Fine Condition is a rare find for collectors who appreciate coins in remarkable condition.

For those seeking a more affordable option, the category also offers Circulated Walking Liberty Half Dollars. These coins may show signs of wear but still carry the intrinsic value and striking design that make them desirable to collectors.

A standout choice for collectors looking for exceptional quality is the Franklin Half Dollars Brilliant Uncirculated set. Minted from 1948 to 1963, these coins showcase the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation's founding fathers. The Handpicked Walking Liberty Half Dollar... Brilliant Uncirculated is another remarkable addition to any collection, ensuring collectors receive a coin in pristine condition.

Lastly, the category includes Barber Half Dollars in Good Condition. These coins were crafted by Charles E. Barber, the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint at the time of their production. Despite their lower condition, these coins hold historical significance and represent a valuable addition for collectors looking to appreciate the beauty and history of Half Dollars.

Overall, Half Dollars are a captivating category that captures the essence of American history and numismatics. Whether you are a novice collector or a seasoned enthusiast, the Half Dollars category offers a diverse range of options to enhance any collection.

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