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The Rise of Counterfeit Coins

We're excited to announce that ACE Verified coins are now available! Why ACE? I'm sure you know well the old adage that something can be both a "blessing and a curse." Well, that "blessing and curse" in the world of coin collecting is technology and the internet. Let me explain. The blessing...the internet has opened up the world to coin collecting. The rich and wonderful history lessons learned through the stories rare coins tell is now open to anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer. It's so exciting to see this growth. However (seems like there's always an "however"), technology has also ushered in a curse as well. It's made it much simpler and cheaper for nefarious counterfeiters to apply their trade. And with the advent of online marketplaces, those counterfeiters have a perfect place to ply their wares. No longer confined to flea markets and street vendors, these criminals now have a global market place to unload their counterfeits on unsuspecting collectors.

How ACE Verified Protects You from Counterfeits

ACE Verified coins take the counterfeiters out of their game. This is done in a three step process. 1) Each and every ACE Verified coin is examined by an ANA certified Numismatic Scholar and is authenticated to be genuine...not a counterfeit or reproduction. 2) While inspecting the coin they also check to make sure the certified label matches the date, mintmark and grade of the coin. The serial number is confirmed as well. And finally, 3) Each coin is thoroughly examined and has been determined to be an exceptional example of the coins grade. Only the best coins earn ACE Verified status. Buy the best, Buy with confidence. Buy ACE Verified!

Follow this link to an excellent article written by Toby Adkins about protecting yourself from buying counterfeit coins. Click here for the article.

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