Franklin Half Dollar- Brilliant Uncirculated

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Now you can own a piece of American history... This 90% silver coin honors one of the most significant men in United States history... Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.
Every year at Thanksgiving my grandfather gave all all the grand kids a big, shiny Franklin Half Dollar.  He took pride in owning the Franklin's... in fact, I think he looked forward to giving them to us even more than we loved getting them.  He'd flip that big silver coin in the air and say... "you kids hear that "ping" when it flips... that means it's REAL silver in this coin."  And he loved to give us a little history lesson with our coin too... "Did you know Ben Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence and signed back in 1776... and he discovered electricity!"  Now, I do the same thing with my kids and grand kids... and they love it.  Funny how great family traditions get passed down from generation to generation.

Now, we have a way for you to create your own family traditions with the Franklin Half Dollars.  We have secured a limited amount of these 90% silver Franklin Half Dollars for only $19.95.  You can own a unique piece of American history at this incredible price to keep for yourself... or share with your family!  Still in amazing Brilliant Uncirculated condition at $19.95 each, they won't last long.  Order now and shipping is FREE!!