1934 $1000 Note Certified PMG-VF

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Last printed over 80 years ago in 1934, the $500 and $1,000 Federal Reserve Notes are not easy to find today. Meant primarily for large cash transactions between banks before the days of electronic banking, these bills were never intended for circulation.

While these Notes were prevalent from 1861, the very first year of government issue, the Federal Reserve began taking them out of circulation in 1969. As of 2009, only 165,000 $1,000 bills remained in use. The largest denomination printed today is $100.00, so owning these rare, large-denomination bills is an accomplishment among collectors. Available here in PMG Certified Very Fine Condition. Take your collection to the next level with these amazing pieces of history!

  • Handpicked to insure Very Fine condition
  • Features President Cleveland
  • May be Series 1928 or 1934
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