1921 Peace Silver Dollar "High Relief" Extremely Fine Condition - First Year of Issue


"A must have coin for anyone collecting U.S. Silver Dollars"

                                     Toby Adkins

                                     ANA Numismatic Scholar

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After World War I, Americans wanted a silver dollar commemorating the end of the war. The beautiful and stately Peace Dollar, designed by Anthony De Francisci, was the result.

  • A must for anyone collecting U.S. silver dollars.
  • The ONLY high relief silver to circulate in the U.S.
  • Only official U.S. coin commemorating peace and the end of WWI
  • Increasingly hard to find...millions were melted down when silver soared to over $50 an oz. in the 1980's.
  • Guaranteed to be in Extra Fine condition*

*The coin pictured is used strictly to show the design and does not represent the condition of the coin offered here.