Coin Trivia

  • E PLURIBUS UNUM (one out of many) first appeared on the 1795 Liberty Cap-Heraldic Eagle gold half eagle.
  • The Peace Dollar represents the first time where the word "Peace" was used on a coin of any nation.
  • The largest gold nugget on record was found in 1869 in Victoria, Australia. It weighed 208 pounds.
  • The motto IN GOD WE TRUST first appeared on a coin of the U.S. in 1864, during the Civil War.
  • The smallest monetary unit ever issued in the U.S. was the half cent. It was minted from 1793 through 1857.
  • The first million dollar sale of a single private coin collection was that of George F. Scanlon auctioned by Stack's on Oct. 24-27, 1973. It brought $1,093,890.00. He had only collected for 10 years.
  • The Smithsonian Coin Collection has approximately 850,000 coins.