About Mintmarks

The following mintmarks are found on U.S. coins.

  • C: Charlotte (found only on gold coins struck from 1838-1861)
  • CC: Carson City (1870-1893)
  • D: Dahlonega, Georgia (found only on gold coins struck from 1838-1861)
  • D: Denver (1906 to present)
  • O: New Orleans (1838-1909)
  • P: Philadelphia (Most Philadelphia coins do not feature a mintmark. The P can be found on silver nickels 1942-45; dollar coins from 1979 to present; and on various other coins except cents from 1980 to present.)
  • S: San Francisco (1854 to present—today strikes collector’s coins only. The last circulating coin with an S mintmark was the 1980-S Susan B. Anthony dollar)
  • W: West Point (1983 to present, collector coins only)