Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Extremely Fine

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The Walking Liberty American Masterpiece

Hold history in your hands...with gloves on of course!  The iconic Walking Liberty half-dollar was issued between 1917 and 1947...spanning the time of both World Wars. This is the coin that those of the "Greatest Generation" would have used to buy 2lbs of ground beef, a gallon of milk, a whole chicken, or 10lbs of flour! Needless to say, the Walking Liberty half-dollar played a vital role in everyday life back then and is an important part of American icon and a true American masterpiece.

America's Finest

The patriotic pride of coin designer, Adolph Weinman, is on full display through his beautiful rendering of Lady Liberty...wrapped in the "Stars and Stripes" walking into the dawn of a new day carrying branches of laurel and oak (symbols of both civil and military glory). This iconic silver coin is a true of America's finest.

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