Liberty Head V Nickel (Very Fine)

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The Liberty Head or V Nickels, were struck between 1883 and 1913 and collectors love them!  Charles Barber's Liberty Head design was an instant timeless classic.  On the reverse, the wreath design is made up of the 3 top crops of the day; wheat, cotton, and corn.  The design lasted for 30 years and is a "must have" for any discerning collector.  Get yours while they are still available!

  • Minted from 1883 to 1913*
  • Classic design
  • Handpicked to insure Very Fine Condition


Dates our choice*.  If you're looking for a specific date please call us at (800)323-5055. 

*The coin pictured is used strictly to show the design and does not represent the condition of the coin offered here.