2021-W American Silver Eagle FDOI Mike Castle

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 2021-W Silver Eagle LANDING TYPE 2!

When the most popular coin in the world changes its design, people notice! The popular Eagle Landing Type 2 design has taken the world and collectors by storm. To add to its collectability, the 2021-W Burnished Silver Eagles are the most rare of all of the Silver Eagles!

 To add even more to this coin, not only is it certified in PERFECT MS 70 condition but each of the special certificates has been personally signed by the "Coinage Congressman" himself - the honorable Mike Castle. Also certified as a First Day of Issue, only 170 coins in the world are certified like these!

 Currency and Coin has the exclusive release so you will not find this certification anywhere else. Don't be disappointed that you missed out on such an important issue of the Silver Eagles... ORDER NOW for just $495 each and show off your prized collection!

  • RARE Burnished strike in PERFECT MS70 Condition
  • Certified First Day of Issue
  • Personally signed by the Coinage Congressman Mike Castle
  • Limited availability of 5 per household
  • FREE shipping

Reference number: IC#8EBSAEW1221